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New Profile Posts

  1. Kitcar
    Kitcar Squirrelant
    Greetings from Utica,
  2. AndyT81
    Getting into shadow war!
  3. cardyfreak
    Working on bank holidays is shit.
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  4. Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle
    Diggin through my bits box.
  5. Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle
    Thinking of a theme for yakcomp 19
    1. TakUnderhand
      Apr 5, 2017
  6. Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle
    Awaiting yakcomp18 results.
  7. scavvyjay
    Trying to get my yakcomp 18 entry started :(
  8. codysaville
    It is spring once again; Necromunda time!
  9. The Duke
    The Duke
    Lego Heretic!!!!, Burn him!!
  10. Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle
    Trying to get my yakcomp 18 entry finished
  11. Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle
    Thinking of an idea for yakcomp18
  12. BeardLegend
    Making event cards for a new campaign ... just how cruel am I allowed to be?
  13. cardyfreak
  14. The Duke
    The Duke
    fingers-crossed for yakday 2017!
  15. SirFrog
    "A student in bed will remain in bed unless acted upon by a large enough panic." — Ohio University
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  16. Xavier Bacon
    1. simon
      Whaaat! That's amazing! Thanks! I'll PM ya.
      Jan 22, 2017
  17. The Duke
    The Duke
  18. spafe
    spafe Blood Donor
    Welcome to the awesome crew fellow executive officer!
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  19. TakUnderhand
    TakUnderhand cardyfreak
    Like your new title!
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    2. cardyfreak
      I made my dream a reality
      Jan 12, 2017
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  20. Kommissar Shriken
    Kommissar Shriken
    "belly plate" wearer