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New Profile Posts

  1. TakUnderhand
  2. Mad Sergeant
    Mad Sergeant
    Lost in wasteland...
  3. Orngog
    Making a set of gangs to play three ways- as a House gang, as an Outlanders/supplemental gang, and as a piece of my own creation.
  4. Blood Donor
    Blood Donor
    Picking up steam on Table Talks II: Underhive Boogaloo
  5. Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle
    Bashing some pitslaves
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  6. The Duke
    The Duke
    just moochin'
  7. Doogysama
    Doogysama Grablebish
    Je viens de rajouter Mat et Yannick dans la campagne :)
    Tu peux aller voir leurs gangs du coup.
  8. cardyfreak
    Necromunda is for winnahs
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  9. Punktaku
    Punktaku ClockworkOrange
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  10. Warorie
    Woot Woot Sisters of Battle in Shadow War Armageddon
  11. Kitcar
    Kitcar Squirrelant
    Greetings from Utica,
  12. AndyT81
    Getting into shadow war!
  13. cardyfreak
    Working on bank holidays is shit.
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  14. Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle
    Diggin through my bits box.
  15. Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle
    Thinking of a theme for yakcomp 19
    1. TakUnderhand
      Apr 5, 2017
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  16. Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle
    Awaiting yakcomp18 results.
  17. scavvyjay
    Trying to get my yakcomp 18 entry started :(
  18. codysaville
    It is spring once again; Necromunda time!
  19. The Duke
    The Duke
    Lego Heretic!!!!, Burn him!!
  20. Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle
    Trying to get my yakcomp 18 entry finished