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Album: WIP Minis

WIP Minis

Updated Feb 15, 2017
The Red Skulls  
Nade launcher  
Very skull. Much red. Wow.  
Arbites / Enforcers  
Chief Judge with maul  
Judge with warrant and shotgun  
Judge update  
Dead Eye Dan  
Armoured Eric  
Sammy the Crab  
Wheezy Joe  
Just Dave  
Enginseer WIP  
Leader Hand Flamer  
Leader Meltagun  
Leader rear  
Ganger 1  
Juve 1  
Juve 2  
Ganger 2  
Ganger 3  
Ganger 4  
Ganger 4 second angle  
Autocannon (still some sculpting to do)  
Goliath gang WIP  
Goliath Juve done!  
Uh oh  
Blue ink ruined the plasma  
20-year old washes?  
Scum WIP  
Scum WIP  
Enter The Bat-Man  
Dark Knight takes flight  
Who lives on a base like this?  
The Dork Knight Returns  
The Dork Knight Turns Around  
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