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YakComp 15 "The BFG" by djmothra

Welcome to the 15th YakTribe Competition - this time chosen by @Mad Sergeant for his winning Escher [...]

2149 Views and 137 Replies
Posted July 21st, 2016

Tapatalk Removed by Malo

The Tapatalk plugin has been removed from YakTribe. I have been following their progression over the [...]

529 Views and 11 Replies
Posted May 30th, 2016

YakTribe Competition 14 "Neglected Youth" by djmothra

"Juves are often neglected, or at least low priority, when painting and modelling gangs and warbands [...]

4433 Views and 233 Replies
Posted May 25th, 2016

Yakhistory by ClockworkOrange

Hi all, After a couple of requests to stop my resurrection of old threads I've decided we need a re [...]

1050 Views and 33 Replies
Posted May 18th, 2016

YakTribe Competition 13 - "It Came From The..." by djmothra

...Sump, Crypt, Ash Wastes, Deep, Underhive, Woods etc. 7362 Welcome to this, the Thirteenth YakTr [...]

4189 Views and 181 Replies
Posted March 24th, 2016
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