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Album: Gorkamunda's Gallery of Successfully Completed Necromunda Minis

Here be stuff.

Gorkamunda's Gallery of Successfully Completed Necromunda Minis

Updated Jan 2, 2016
Necromunda Orks: Runtherd - Nob - Mek  
Necromunda Orks - gretchin  
Necromunda Orks - Boyz  
Necromunda Orks - Full gang  
Necromunda Enforcers - Entire precinct  
Necromunda Enforcers - Regular enforcers  
Necromunda Enforcers - Specialists  
Necromunda Enforcers - Captains  
Necromunda Enforcers - Heavies  
Necromunda Enforcers - Handler and Cyber Mastiff  
Necromunda - Agent (front)  
Necromunda - Agent (back)  
Necromunda - Giant Rats  
Necromunda Plague Zombies and Ghouls  
Necromunda Milliasaurs  
Giant & Gigantic Spiders  
Ripper Jacks  
Forgeworld Cyber Mastiff and Handler (front)  
Forgeworld Cyber Mastiff and Handler (back)  
4x Arbites front  
4x Arbites back  
Lashoaters front  
Lashoaters back  
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Loading Photos......
Here be stuff.
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  3. matswo
    What did you make the back drop from? Sponge painted paper?
  4. Gorkamunda
  5. Kon-rad
    Lovely stuff!! Those Enforcers are very original. Love the agent and those millisaurs make my skin crawl.
    Gorkamunda likes this.
  6. spafe
    Great stuff all round man, somehow I managed to only just stumble across this!
    Gorkamunda likes this.
  7. scavvyjay
    This is an excellent gallery, thanks for sharing it.
    Gorkamunda likes this.


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