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Album: Konrad's Rumbles

'eres where we putz da pics of da akshun.

Konrad's Rumbles

Updated Jun 12, 2017
April Lootaz  
April Lootaz  
April Lootaz  
April Lootaz  
April Lootaz  
April Lootaz  
April Lootaz  
April Lootaz  
April Chases  
April Chases  
April Chases  
Attack da Kamp  
Flight of da Valwhatchamatilit  
Lotza Bombz  
Shook 'em off  
Shook 'em not....  
Tailing the Tailer  
Tailing the Tailer 2  
Follow that tent  
Burnt up.  
Round and round  
Da Captive  
Da Ambush  
Light it up  
Oye! Ooz dat behind da rock?  
Woogie the Gobbo holds off the Diggaboss!  
Ignatz gets tossed in the cactus too!  
Da Green Baron  
Da Rumble  
Round and Round  
Turns tail  
Love taps  
Loading Photos......
Loading Photos......
'eres where we putz da pics of da akshun.
  1. Double PAY likes this.
  2. Insurgent
    That was a sick album.
  3. Kon-rad
    Thanks, I think. "Sick" is a good thing now right? I lived in Japan for some years and my English is a little out of date. :) So are my emocons.
  4. Insurgent
    What are the stats on a stegadon? I think Eldar Exodites should be a fully formed Gorkamorka faction.
  5. Kon-rad
    We are test playing some optional vehicle rules. The dinosaur is just a standard Trukk, with Legz as a propulsion type. Moves through terrain like a Trakk, Thrusts 4" but gets a +1ST when ramming footers. I'll be putting them up in the Vault in a bit, still working the bugs out of the Flyer roolz. I was totally inspired by Flamekebab's? Feral Orks and I have a buddy with an 40K army of Dinosaur Exodites. (I'll put some links in the June Rumbles thread.
    Insurgent likes this.
  6. Insurgent
    Super, I want to see those Dino Riders.


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